Three keys to success

For retailers, restaurants and art galleries, the three keys to success today are
1 - Be Found
2 - Be Open
3 - Be Present
     Let’s take a look at each one to help you find ways to make these keys work for you.
     Be Found – this means using every opportunity available to you to help customers find you the only way they know how – on the Internet. Whether it’s a web site, blog, facebook page or your free page on the Chamber web site, customers need to be able to find you online.
     Be Open – to be open means both being physically open during times that customers are known to be active and by providing extensive information about your enterprise during times you are not open for business. Signage, QR Codes for Smartphone users, placards directing customers to your web properties, brochures about your products and services – all of these are attributes of being open.
     Be Present – perhaps the most difficult key to master and yet by far the most important, to be present means to greet customers warmly, to engage customers actively, to be able to eloquently describe your business and its value proposition and to distinguish yourself from other options your customers might have.
     Use these three keys to unlock your success.
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What’s the plan?

It’s a great time to plan for a better year so here are three planning exercises for small (and not so small) businesses.
     Business activity calendar – create a plan for rest of the year so you're not surprised by events you can prepare for today. Note the important community and recurring events, seasonal business opportunities and important tourism dates.
     Add any important vendor schedules, regulatory deadlines (like tax deposits) and important personal dates.
     An annual planning calendar can also help you plan some 'me time' to help prevent burn out. Float through the year by the seat of your pants or create a calendar that keeps you focused; the choice is yours.
     Profit plan – how much income do you want to earn this year? What level of sales would be needed to reach that profit goal? What resources will be needed to reach your goals? What will you do differently tomorrow to reach those goals? Plan today or lament tomorrow.
     Promotion plan – your business is located in an exciting community with a myriad of opportunities to promote your business. Local events, publications, chambers and service clubs provide an almost limitless number of promotional opportunities.
     Continue to approach promotions randomly or cultivate the habit of planning and make this year your best year yet. 
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