Ask for the sale

   Some sales coaching from
   the 1992 New Line Cinema
    film 'Glengarry Glen Ross'
If you're in business, you're in sales. The best way to increase sales is to ask questions. Questions create rapport, focus attention and draw the prospect into the sales process. Answers help define needs and provide opportunities to overcome objections as the sale becomes a close.
     Customers come in all shapes and sizes and using a disciplined approach will increase your chances of success. Many sales professionals keep the process on track by following five steps to complete the sales cycle:
  • Establish and prioritize needs
  • Determine options and establish choices
  • Compare alternatives then overcome objections
  • Close the sale as a 'win/win'
  • Deliver excellent service after the sale
As W.C. Fields used to say, “Don’t be a halfway fellow!” Start the closing process by asking for the sale.
Understanding you are in sales and using proven sales practices will help every business in good times and bad. So, pick up the phone and call Kevin, your sales-focused business adviser at (360) 447-8788 - do it today!

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