Business Security

January is the traditional business clean-up month, and it’s a great time to tidy up your business security policies and practices, too.
     Do you have a telephone, fax, email and social media procedures that prevent inadvertent disclosures of confidential company information?
     Do you have records retention and disposal practices that assure sensitive documents are stored securely and disposed of properly?
     Many of us then take the very information we’ve kept under lock and key for twelve months and simply set it on the curb for trash pick-up during the following January. Your CPA can provide you with standardized document security and disposal procedures.
     How will your firm respond to an earthquake, major fire, or an incident of workplace violence? How would you protect your employees, your assets and your business continuity?
     Your commercial insurance broker can provide wide-ranging assistance in premises safety matters. Any catastrophic business interruption will be very difficult for the firm and for the staff.
     The most effective and affordable way to meet this challenge is to protect your firm with policies, procedures and preparations. Feeling insecure? Call Kevin, your accountable business adviser at (360) 447-8788

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