What’s your sign?

Signs are often thought of as expensive, too much work and of questionable value – what can signs do for your business?
  • Attract customers
  • Be remembered
  • Increase sales
Most businesses would benefit from more customers, being more memorable and earning more sales so let’s review how signage works, inside and out.
     Early western merchants might have first learned of the value of outdoor signage in ancient Greece and outdoor signage has been a stalwart of successful businesses since that time. When customers need a product or service, they look it up on line and they find you by your sign. When they find you, they are much more likely to buy.
     When customers find your sign especially memorable these customers are much more likely to return. Good outdoor signs clearly identify the business, the value proposition and feature a memorable statement, also called a tagline.
     Window signage gives businesses the opportunity to refine, expand on and give urgency to the message conveyed on the outdoor sign.
     You need look no further than your local grocery or department store to see the benefits of in-store and display signage. Here is one way to measure the value of in-store and display signage – imagine what the labor costs must be to print and hang those shelf labels on every shelf in a major grocery store.
     Imagine the labor cost of putting placards on each display rack in a clothing store.
     Yet, these owners bear this cost happily because the investment really pays off.
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