It’s nice to be nice

Behind all the policies, procedures and declarations, beneath the fear of lawsuits, lies a fundamental fact.
      A firm that enforces appropriate conduct standards is a profitable firm.
      Like common courtesy and table manners, appropriate workplace conduct helps to make group efforts successful and sustainable.
     A simple, universal guide to appropriate workplace conduct includes the concepts of decorum, deportment and confidentiality.
      Decorum refers to the manner in which an employee interacts with external entities like customers, distributors, vendors and government representatives. Employees practicing good decorum will never argue with, confront, or otherwise be disrespectful towards these important stakeholders.
     Deportment refers to the manner in which an employee interacts with internal managers and staff. Employees who practice good deportment are complimentary, cooperative and compliant.
     Confidentiality includes much more than keeping company secrets. Common violations of confidentiality include failing to protect documents, sloppy email behaviors and poor care of company customer data.
     Put the power of nice to work and see the difference nice can make, in your business and in your life!
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