Three keys to happiness for your new website - part three

Let’s review the third key to happiness so you won’t repeat these common mistakes.

Happiness key number three – how does the date end?

If you hire a developer, always get a full set of backup files for your site so you can protect against lost data. This includes hosting information for the server storing your files, log-in credentials for server access and written confirmation from the host that you, and only you, are authorized to make changes to the hosting account.
      If you build your own website, be sure you get exactly the same things. Make backups, document your host information and keep your registration information up to date.
      Either way, build these requirements into the RFP so respondents know what you want in this important area. Having backups and server access will assure your site can be effectively maintained, updated and even repaired if necessary. Having server access will also make it possible to get additional web work done even if you lose touch with the original developer.
These tips won’t guarantee a great website but they can protect against a dreadful website and prevent a miserable site owner experience.
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