Effective advertising starts with a goal

Setting a goal starts with understanding and meeting customer needs.
     Look at your market in terms of specific customer needs.      Ask ‘what do customers need, how does my business fill those needs and what is it about my business that really satisfies customers?’
     Assess strengths with respect to customer needs and you'll have a better idea of how to entice customers to choose you. Are you more affordable, more convenient or perhaps more reliable than other market options? Do you offer unique products, special services, faster sales or free delivery?
     This is called a differential marketing advantage and helps position your business in the minds of customers.
     With a clear idea of what customers want, how to meet needs and whom to reach, it’s time to set a goal.
     The most common goal is an increase sales, which will provide a guide in setting a budget.
     With your target market in focus, and a budget in hand, you are really ready to start advertising.
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